Registered Reporters
You will be prompted to enter a username and password. After logging in you will then be able to create, save and edit ADRS Notifications prior to lodging them with TGA. Logging in also allows you to view previously lodged notifications and request specific ADRS reports.

If you have previously registered with ADRS, or have a eBS login, click here to login.

Unregistered Reporters
This option allows you to lodge a notification without having to register with ADRS.
After the ADRS notification is completed and lodged, an acknowledgement receipt
will be sent via email as confirmation.

This option is recommended if you only lodge Adverse Drug Reaction System notifications

Alternatively you can register with the Adverse Drug Reaction System.
Registering provides you with the benefits of registered users.

NOTE: In case you have forgotten your password, please click here to request a new password reset.

Lodge a notification without registering with the Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting SystemUnregistered reporters can submit additional supporting documents to previously lodged notifications