PI & CMI Trade Names and Active Ingredients containing insulin. 44 Documents available.
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Trade NameInformation SheetActive Ingredient(s)
ActrapidPIInsulin - human (human insulin)
Actrapid PenfillCMIInsulin - human (human insulin)
Actrapid vialCMIInsulin - human (human insulin)
ApidraCMIPIInsulin glulisine
Fiasp 10 mL vialCMIPIInsulin aspart
Fiasp FlexTouchCMIPIInsulin aspart
Fiasp PenfillCMIPIInsulin aspart
Humalog CartridgesCMIInsulin lispro
Humalog KwikPensCMIInsulin lispro
Humalog MIX25,PIInsulin lispro
Humalog MIX50PIInsulin lispro
Humalog U200PICMIInsulin lispro
Humalog VialsCMIInsulin lispro
Humalog,PIInsulin lispro
HumulinPIInsulin - human
Humulin CartridgesCMIInsulin - human
Humulin KwikPenCMIInsulin - human
Humulin VialsCMIInsulin - human
LantusCMIPIInsulin glargine
Levemir FlexPenPIInsulin detemir
Levemir FlexPen 3mLCMIInsulin detemir
Levemir PenfillPIInsulin detemir
Levemir Penfill 3mLCMIInsulin detemir
Mixtard 30/70PIInsulin - human (human insulin)
Mixtard 30/70 InnoLetCMIInsulin - human (human insulin)
Mixtard 30/70 PenfillCMIInsulin - human (human insulin)
Mixtard 50/50PIInsulin - human (human insulin)
Mixtard 50/50 PenfillCMIInsulin - human (human insulin)
NovoMix 30PIInsulin aspart
NovoMix 30 FlexPen 3mLCMIInsulin aspart
NovoMix 30 Penfill 3mLCMIInsulin aspart
NovoRapidPIInsulin aspart
NovoRapid 10mL vialCMIInsulin aspart
NovoRapid FlexPen 3mLCMIInsulin aspart
NovoRapid Penfill 3mLCMIInsulin aspart
OptisulinPICMIinsulin glargine; Insulin glargine
ProtaphanePIInsulin - human (human insulin)
Protaphane InnoLetCMIInsulin - human (human insulin)
Protaphane PenfillCMIInsulin - human (human insulin)
Protaphane vialCMIInsulin - human (human insulin)
Ryzodeg 70/30CMICMIPIInsulin aspart; Insulin degludec
SoliquaCMIPILixisenatide; Insulin glargine
ToujeoCMIPIInsulin glargine