PI & CMI Trade Names and Active Ingredients containing clonidine. 8 Documents available.
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Trade NameInformation SheetActive Ingredient(s)
APO-ClonidineCMIPIClonidine hydrochloride; clonidine hydrochloride
Catapres 100 TabletsCMIPIclonidine hydrochloride
Catapres 150 TabletsCMIclonidine hydrochloride
Catapres 150 Tablets and InjectionPIclonidine hydrochloride
Catapres AmpoulesCMIclonidine hydrochloride
Clonidine HCl Injection MedsurgeCMIPIClonidine hydrochloride
Clonidine LupinPICMIclonidine hydrochloride
MZ Clonidine HCl InjectionCMIPIClonidine hydrochloride; clonidine hydrochloride