PI & CMI Trade Names and Active Ingredients containing insulin. 48 Documents available.
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Trade NameInformation SheetActive Ingredient(s)
Actrapid® 10 mL vialCMIinsulin
Actrapid® Penfill®CMIinsulin
ApidraCMIPIInsulin glulisine
Fiasp 10 mL vialPIInsulin aspart
Fiasp FlexTouchPIInsulin aspart
Fiasp PenfillPIInsulin aspart
Fiasp® 10 mL vialCMIInsulin aspart
Fiasp® FlexTouch®CMIInsulin aspart
Fiasp® Penfill®CMIInsulin aspart
Humalog CartridgesCMIInsulin lispro
Humalog KwikPensCMIInsulin lispro
Humalog U200PICMIInsulin lispro
Humalog VialsCMIInsulin lispro
Humalog, Humalog MIX25, Humalog MIX50PIInsulin lispro
HumulinPIInsulin - human
Humulin CartridgesCMIInsulin - human
Humulin VialsCMIInsulin - human
LantusCMIPIInsulin glargine
Lantus SolostarCMIInsulin glargine
Levemir FlexPenPIInsulin detemir
Levemir PenfillPIInsulin detemir
Levemir® FlexPen®CMIInsulin detemir
Levemir® Penfill®CMIInsulin detemir
Mixtard® 30/70PIinsulin
Mixtard® 30/70 InnoLetCMIinsulin
Mixtard® 30/70 Penfill®CMIinsulin
Mixtard® 50/50PIinsulin
Mixtard® 50/50 Penfill®CMIinsulin
NovoMixPIInsulin aspart
NovoMix 30PIInsulin aspart
NovoMix 30 Penfill 3mLCMIInsulin aspart
NovoMix® 30 FlexPen®CMIInsulin aspart
NovoRapidPIInsulin aspart
NovoRapid 10mL vialCMIInsulin aspart
NovoRapid FlexPenCMIInsulin aspart
NovoRapid Penfill 3mLCMIInsulin aspart
OptisulinPICMIInsulin glargine
Protaphane® 10 mL vialCMIinsulin
Protaphane® InnoLetCMIinsulin
Protaphane® Penfill®CMIinsulin
Ryzodeg 70/30PIInsulin aspart; Insulin degludec
Ryzodeg® 70/30 FlexTouch®CMIInsulin aspart; Insulin degludec
Ryzodeg® 70/30 Penfill®CMIInsulin degludec; Insulin aspart
ToujeoCMIPIInsulin glargine
Toujeo Max SolostarPICMIInsulin glargine
TruvelogCMIPIInsulin aspart