PI & CMI Trade Names and Active Ingredients containing salbutamol. 15 Documents available.
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Trade NameInformation SheetActive Ingredient(s)
APO-Salbutamol AmpoulesPICMISalbutamol sulfate
Asmol uni-dosePICMISalbutamol sulfate
ButamolPICMISalbutamol sulfate
Salbutamol Inhalation SolutionPICMISalbutamol
Salbutamol SandozPICMIsalbutamol sulfate
SALBUTAMOL ANPICMISalbutamol sulfate
SALBUTAMOL CIPLAPIsalbutamol sulfate
Ventolin InjectionCMISalbutamol sulfate
Ventolin NebulesCMISalbutamol sulfate
Ventolin Obstetric InjectionCMIPISalbutamol sulfate
Ventolin Respirator SolutionCMISalbutamol sulfate
Ventolin Respirator Solution & NebulesPISalbutamol sulfate
Ventolin Sugar Free SyrupCMISalbutamol sulfate
Ventolin Sugar Free Syrup & InjectionPISalbutamol sulfate