PI Trade Names and Active Ingredients containing morphine. 11 Documents available.
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Trade NameInformation SheetActive Ingredient(s)
ANAMORPHPImorphine sulfate pentahydrate
DBL Morphine SulfatePImorphine sulfate pentahydrate
KapanolPImorphine sulfate pentahydrate
Morphine JunoPImorphine hydrochloride trihydrate
Morphine MR MylanPImorphine sulfate pentahydrate
MORPHINE MR APOTEXPImorphine sulfate pentahydrate
MORPHINE SULFATE MEDSURGEPImorphine sulfate pentahydrate
MS ContinPIMorphine sulfate
MS MonoPIMorphine sulfate
OrdinePImorphine hydrochloride trihydrate
SevredolPIMorphine sulfate