CMI Trade Names and Active Ingredients containing montelukast. 12 Documents available.
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Trade NameInformation SheetActive Ingredient(s)
APO-MontelukastCMIMontelukast sodium
ASTHAKASTCMImontelukast sodium; Montelukast (As sodium)
LukairCMIMontelukast sodium
LUKAFASTCMICMImontelukast sodium; montelukast (as sodium)
MontelairCMImontelukast sodium
Montelukast ANCMICMIMontelukast sodium
Montelukast SandozCMIMontelukast sodium; montelukast sodium; montelukast
MONTELUKAST LUPINCMImontelukast sodium
MONTELUKAST MYLANCMImontelukast sodium
RESPIKASTCMIMontelukast sodium; montelukast sodium; montelukast (as sodium)
SingulairCMIMontelukast sodium