PI Trade Names and Active Ingredients containing Codeine. 40 Documents available.
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Trade NameInformation SheetActive Ingredient(s)
ACTACODEPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate
AMCAL IBUPROFEN PLUS CODEINEPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; ibuprofen
AMCAL STRONG PAIN RELIEF EXTRAPIparacetamol; codeine phosphate hemihydrate
APX-Paracetamol/CodeinePIparacetamol; codeine phosphate hemihydrate
AspalginPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; aspirin
ASPEN CODEINEPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate
Brufen Plus 200/12.8PIIbuprofen; codeine phosphate hemihydrate
Cipla Pain Relief Paracetamol and Codeine 8PIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; paracetamol
CIPLA PAIN RELIEF IBUPROFEN PLUSPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; ibuprofen
CIPLA PAIN RELIEF PARACETAMOL + CODEINE with CALMATIVEPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; doxylamine succinate; paracetamol
Codalgin FortePIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; paracetamol
Codapane FortePIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; Paracetamol
Comfarol FortePIParacetamol; Codeine phosphate
CODASIGPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; paracetamol
DolasedPIparacetamol; codeine phosphate hemihydrate; doxylamine succinate
Dolased FortePIdoxylamine succinate; codeine phosphate hemihydrate; paracetamol
Gold Cross Codeine LinctusPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate
IBUDEINEPIibuprofen; codeine phosphate hemihydrate
maxydolPIdoxylamine succinate; codeine phosphate hemihydrate; paracetamol
MersyndolPIdoxylamine succinate; codeine phosphate hemihydrate; Paracetamol
Mersyndol DayStrengthPIParacetamol; codeine phosphate hemihydrate
Mersyndol FortePIParacetamol; Codeine phosphate; Doxylamine succinate
MEDCO IBUPROFEN 200 and CODEINE PHOSPHATE 12.8PIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; ibuprofen
MEDCO Paracetamol 500 and Codeine Phosphate 15PIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; paracetamol
MEDCO PARACETAMOL 500 CODEINE PHOSPHATE 10 AND DOXYLAMINE SUCCINATE 5.1PIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; paracetamol; doxylamine succinate
MEVADOL FORTEPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; doxylamine succinate; paracetamol
MYDOL15PIparacetamol; codeine phosphate hemihydrate
Nurofen PlusPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; ibuprofen
Panadeine FortePIParacetamol; Codeine phosphate
Panamax CoPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; Paracetamol
Paracetamol/Codeine GH 500/30PIparacetamol; codeine phosphate hemihydrate
PAINSTOP DAY-TIME PAIN RELIEVERPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; paracetamol; Paracetamol; codeine
PAINSTOP NIGHT-TIME PAIN RELIEVERPIparacetamol; codeine phosphate hemihydrate; promethazine hydrochloride; Promethazine hydrochloride; Paracetamol
PARACETAMOL/CODEINE GH 500/15PIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; paracetamol
ProdeinePIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; Paracetamol
Prodeine FortePIParacetamol; Codeine phosphate
ProdeinextraPIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; Paracetamol
Sandoz Ibuprofen plus CodeinePIcodeine phosphate hemihydrate; ibuprofen
Trust Analgesic CalmativePIdoxylamine succinate; codeine phosphate hemihydrate; paracetamol
Trust Ibuprofen Plus CodeinePIibuprofen; codeine phosphate hemihydrate